Posted by Nouman Sagar on Feb 15th 2014

The Smell of Lavender Has the power to conjure memories of other times and other places. You may have first encountered it as a sachet, a soap, or as the gray-green plant it self. We tend to think of lavender as a somewhat old fashioned, even fusy herb; but it has a clean,spare fragrance that could be called classic. Infact, its name drives from the Latin verb "to wash," and both the Romans and Greeks scented their soaps and bathwater with the herb.

For some, its is the quintessential English garden herb; others think of the "Lavender Alps" of southern France, where otherwise featherless hills are washed with a special color and a palpable scent. 

      Lavender also has modest abilities as a medicinal herb, and it has been used to relieve headaches and revive those with " nervous languor"

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